Monday, May 7, 2007

baby plants

spring has sprung in Fairbanks. i'm conveniently forgetting that Lisa Be-Naughty and i ran into a little snow at the top of Ester Dome last Saturday morning when we were silly enough to run up the "hill" for the first time this season. (presumably, we do this because we might run Fairbanks' Equinox Marathon this September after many more of these early Saturday morning runs.)

no matter that snow, i know spring is here because of this:

and this:

delphiniums coming up for the first time after being established last summer. delphiniums, along with a rhubarb plant and chives in the back.

and then there's the starts that are currently exploring their potential inside by the big window. i live for these guys - nasturtium, daisies, bachelor buttons, calendula, dwarf sunflowers, lupine, allysum, along with some lettuce and kale. Cob teases that i need a "plant cam" to keep track of their progress. he's only half-joking. ok, maybe he's not joking. i love little baby starts.

that's Pheles helping me keep an eye on them.

and then four days later. see the difference? i need a plant cam. we have big plans for these little guys. i have dreams of a cutting garden smack dab in the middle of the yard lined by river rocks (same old schist, Cobbie says).

All i need to do is keep this guy out of them!


KAC said...

I need a plant cam too! Our bamboo was growing 6-8inches a day! It suddenly stopped ... fortunately.

KAC said...

And where did Pheles come from??

brown said...

what do you mean, where did Pheles come from? she's been a permanent fixture in my life for all her 13 years!