Tuesday, July 15, 2008

froward women...

last Saturday night, Cob and i packed up a bottle of wine and a picnic dinner, jumped on our bikes and pedaled to the University where our own Fairbanks Shakespeare group was performing their annual Shakespeare play - this year was 'Taming of the Shrew'

Tucking into the wooded path that leads to the outside stage:

this is an annual tradition for us and like most events in Fairbanks, it take a village. the set is made every year by folks in town, many of the actors double as our friends in real life, local artisans make the costumes (probably because their kids at one time participated and now it's just fun), etc.

plus, they let you bring your own dinner and bottle of wine. Just think: a warm summer evening, a bottle of wine, good friends, and a play written in a language you can't hope to comprehend! here's me, brushing up on the play prior to the opening act so that i might have a clue of what's going on!

and finally, Petruchio in the beginning stages of taming his very own shrew, Kate.

The Taming of the Shrew is considered one of Shakespeare's 'difficult' plays, likely because of the commonly understood misogynistic themes. however, our actors managed to put a spin on this that highlighted the meeting of two equal spirits, rather than the subjugation of one. either way, i'll be back next year to see what the Shakespeare troupe comes up with next!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

happy birthday Ali!

this morning, i joined a few Fairbanks crazies to run a 10 miler with our friend, Alison, to celebrate her birthday. i call them 'crazies' because the guy on the left, Drew, just did a full half ironman triathalon yesterday while Ali (in green) and Klaus (far right) ran the half marathon leg in the same race. and then ran another 10 miles today. crazy.

but that didn't stop us from jumping for joy over Ali's birthday!

take 2:
and then we decided we couldn't jump anymore...

happy birthday, Ali!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

what i love

As much as i like traveling for work and pleasure, i like my home in the subarctic even more. July 4th brought a much needed ground to all my flitting about. First order of business? Celebrating the new bike path along the Parks Hwy, one of Fairbanks 2 major highways. Here in AK, the home of oil, snow machines, 4-wheelers, motor boats, and the like rule. those of us who still prioritize human-powered modes of transportation (running, biking, canoeing, roller-skiing, skiing), have to fight hard for our place on the road. this bike path all the way out to Ester is a major coup and worth jumping for joy over!

we used said bike path to get to the counter-culture parade and community picnic in Ester, or the Republic of Ester as its residents like to call it, a lefty liberal town southwest of Fairbanks and the perfect place to celebrate our nation's birth and express our own form of patriotism.

an important message we should all heed:

these guys were handing out tasty turnips to the crowd! afterwards, everyone headed to the Ester park for a potluck picnic - a fabulous place for families and anybody with a sense of community!

a hot bike ride home found us on the deck drinking gin and tonics out of martinis glasses with our friend, Cara. that's the dahlia she gave me at the beginning of the summer.

On Saturday, Phyllis, Cob and I headed out to float the Chatanika with our new friend, Erin. Here they are discussing how to get around the nasty sweepers just ahead formed in part by a beaver dam.

not wanting to get wet, Phyllis and I lined around the mess while Cob and Erin braved it backwards (?!).

All in all, i spent the week-end with the people i love in the place i love doing the things i love. it can't get any better than that. I hope your 4th was as relaxing and reaffirming of whatever it is that you love about where you live, who you are, and what you do.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

we still do.

three years ago today, Cobbie and i joined hands under a light rain surrounded by friends and flowers to marry.

the sun came out. the flowers were accommodatingly purple.

the groom handsome as ever.

i've never been one much for calendar dates. i can barely remember my own birthday, much less anyone else's. but my wedding anniversary is quite another story. i don't need a present or any fanfare, mind you -- just the private acknowledgment that we made it another year and the quiet reflection of what that year brought to us, and what we did with it.

The River of love
runs in strange directions.
One who jumps into it, drowns,
and one who drowns, gets across. - Amir Khusran, 1253-1375

oh yeah, and who could forget the 40s?

Happy anniversary, Cobbie. i hope there are many more to come.

love, brownie

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

they do.

this is the picture of loveliness. and love.

my friend, Rob (or, as we prefer to call him, "the legendary grey bear", or just LGB for short) got married on June 14th in Healdsburg, CA to Natasha Guzman, a perfect gem of a woman and his match in every way. i was honored to stand up for him at one corner of the huppah. (that's me on the left with the SHORT hair.)

Weddings are symbolic events; they are a chance for the bride and groom to tell the story of their love and their relationship. Natasha and Greyber reminded us of all that really matters: love, respect, simchah (joy), ...oh, and wine. did i mention this wedding was in wine country?

i've always said that weddings are worth moving mountains to get to - after all, there's never a shortage of sad events to bring us together. like hell i'm going to miss a party! and these two can throw a party! the dinner:

the dancing:

and oh yeah...the 40s! you see, Greyber et al have shown up at all of my life's important events drinking malt liquor. you know, beer so good that they sell it in bulk and serve it out of a paper bag, as Greyber says. after cleaning up many 40 oz bottles from my cabin and enduring the embarrassment of them bringing them aboard the riverboat at my own wedding, you have NO idea how satisfying it was to produce the sweet, sweet elixir at such an otherwise elegant event!

in the immortal words of Greyber, "Aw Yeah."

congratulations you two, and all my love.