Tuesday, July 1, 2008

they do.

this is the picture of loveliness. and love.

my friend, Rob (or, as we prefer to call him, "the legendary grey bear", or just LGB for short) got married on June 14th in Healdsburg, CA to Natasha Guzman, a perfect gem of a woman and his match in every way. i was honored to stand up for him at one corner of the huppah. (that's me on the left with the SHORT hair.)

Weddings are symbolic events; they are a chance for the bride and groom to tell the story of their love and their relationship. Natasha and Greyber reminded us of all that really matters: love, respect, simchah (joy), ...oh, and wine. did i mention this wedding was in wine country?

i've always said that weddings are worth moving mountains to get to - after all, there's never a shortage of sad events to bring us together. like hell i'm going to miss a party! and these two can throw a party! the dinner:

the dancing:

and oh yeah...the 40s! you see, Greyber et al have shown up at all of my life's important events drinking malt liquor. you know, beer so good that they sell it in bulk and serve it out of a paper bag, as Greyber says. after cleaning up many 40 oz bottles from my cabin and enduring the embarrassment of them bringing them aboard the riverboat at my own wedding, you have NO idea how satisfying it was to produce the sweet, sweet elixir at such an otherwise elegant event!

in the immortal words of Greyber, "Aw Yeah."

congratulations you two, and all my love.

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KAC said...

Ahhhh. What did you do to your hair? How long did it take to straighten? I'll dig out the photo of me with straightened hair -- took the hairdresser 90 minutes.