Sunday, February 17, 2008

afternoon with anna

on sunday, i got to hang out with anna-banana. her papa was headed out for a ski and her mom was, well, her mom was competing in a 100 mile race south of Fairbanks. don't ask - this is normal for her. either way, we got lucky and hit the anna-jackpot. it started with lunch (turkey, raspberry pancakes, sweet potatoes, and hummus)

dirty face. clean face. no tears. check that out.

you might have noticed the presence of the phone. it will be a common theme in this post. anna gets the phone - if you accept this, then it's smooth sailing. Anna will take almost any phone-sized object and put it up to her face while saying the 18-month old version of "hello?", but she has an uncanny ability to tell the difference between a real phone and a real, but dead phone. only the live ones will do for the long haul. we attribute this early skill to ourselves, her mom's friends, keeping her mom on the phone for hours, sometimes even after we've spent the day together, much to the bewilderment of our respective spouses. here i'm learning how to dial.

and Cobbie learns the finer points of chatting with a friend.

and also long distance.

Anna found Cob's down cabin slippers and they are apparently GREAT phone accessories. this is baby-boo in action. (my apologies on the blurriness of these pictures - it's hard to take clear pictures of an active little kid.)


on the phone. taking care of business.


KAC said...

you have learned all there is to know about kids. They KNOW the difference between real that works and real with batteries taken out. Phones, tv remotes, garage door openers.

KAC said...

Not quite true, KAC-1. If you unplug the phone from the wall, so there's still electricity but no phone connection, the wee ones are none the wiser. And, that way there are no accidental 911 calls like those we had last year.

KAC said...

I thought you were funny, I think we're funny. Does anyone else ever post?

ned rozell said...

That's one cute baby. Is that Poops in your masthead?