Wednesday, March 19, 2008

knittin' girls of the north

last night, Chez Cob-Brown was graced by some of the loveliest knitting ladies in the north for a regular ol' stitch and bitch. some think of knitting as a dying art, fit only for old lady-types who've got nothing better to do with their time. people, you are so wrong. i learned to knit about 10 years ago when i was looking for a portable craft. i'm not terribly artistic, but i can read directions and i have patience (contrary to what many think!). over the last decade, i've found a few like-minded souls, and i've even grown a few of my own by passing on the skill and hopefully the love. what do i get in return? the opportunity to hang out with a boat-load of amazing people (happen to be all women in this picture, but not always...) who care to make things usually for other people they love - by hand. have a look:

Theresa and her cabled sock grimace - ok, two needles can make you feel like you have 10 thumbs. but 4 little tiny needles?

Norma and her traditional Estonian Goat's eye pattern sock. Norma's first sock is moving right along after the successful completion of a hooded baby sweater for a cousin's child.

me and the "Skittles baby sweater" made from remnants of other long-gone projects...

Mia and her baby dress, for her niece Ella. Ella charmed us all at Mia's wedding last November - hell, i wanted to knit for her!

Kristin and her purple baby dress - a Dale of Norway original. Kristin learned to knit about 2 years ago while working in the field and has been off and running since. this is baby project #3 (plus a lot of other good stuff) as far as i know...

Kat and a sweater for herself (go Kat!) made from cranberry bamboo yarn...Kat's made a thousand things for everyone else. a good knitter always remembers to do a little for herself every now and again.

Dea making child's socks out of a fuzzy, soft yarn for a knitting friend's child who is being raised on an organic farm and runs around barefoot...

Cara and her navy baby sweater for a sweet babe in her life that has something to teach us all about hanging in there!

that's a lot of stitches and a lot of love - and no crusty old-lady-with-nothing-else-to-do stuff.

thank you ladies.

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Theresa said...

I just found this. So funny to see the past. I gave those socks to their rightful owner this week, after ripping out all those cables in the meantime and switching to a more dye-compatible rib. I liked seeing how your skittle sweater's growing in that picture from Nulato. Way cool, Brown.