Monday, May 19, 2008

the perfect martini

How do you make a perfect martini?

it depends on whom you ask. Cob prefers Sapphire gin, neat and with just a hint of vermouth. Jamie's all about the Crantini, with vodka and cranberry juice. Several opted for the Mochatini with Godiva liquor. and Cara braved the Leopardtini made with boubon whiskey and papaya juice.

yes, that's a hand-painted leopard print martini glass in her hand. welcome to the 1st annual Martini-Boa party. the paparazzi were there....

men-wearing-boas were there...

yes, Jon is wearing a 'real' (stuffed) boa...

the birthday boy was there (Mieze's 18th birthday was our thinly veiled reason for the party...)

yes, he's wearing a boa too.

Cob (getting a little close to the fire in that fine boa) talking to a friend in a vine-boa.

all manner of good folks showed up in boas to celebrate Mieze's birthday, the arrival of spring, Norwegian Constitution Day, and a good martini.

if you ask me, the perfect martini is simply a good gin, a splash of dry vermouth, a drop of olive juice, and as many olives as you can fit in the glass - wet and dirty, that is.

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Trevor White said...

Hey Brown, looks like a fabulous party. Sorry I missed it :( Wish I had had the engery to make it out. I'll just have to make it to your next party.