Sunday, September 28, 2008

good-bye fall, hello winter

fall is probably my favorite time of year. the yellow aspen and birch leaves against a blue sky. crisp clear days, the first whiffs of wood smoke in the air. the changing high bush cranberry foliage that paints the woods behind my house in an earthy red. but perhaps i love fall most for another reason - its length. A Fairbanks autumn is short, 2 or 3 weeks maybe, where colors change quickly and leaves drop overnight.

this morning we woke to this:

our first snow. it's not much, and it's wet. it won't stick or last, but it is an undeniable sign of what is to come. we won't get the cold temps or really dark days or even a lot more snow for a while yet. but last night, winter crept in silently and with the exception of a few fits and starts perhaps, is here until April.

i gotta say, i love winter too.


Tracy said...

Egads snow already! Fair enough though you being where you are. I Gotta admit we had frost twice last week. Oh well just means it's OK to wear all the inter woolies we've be knitting.

Love your blog. Your photos are fab and I like the way you think. :o)

Tracy said...

Whoops, went to email a respond to your comment on my blog and I couldn't so....yeah snag away with the Obama Knitters thing (giggle/snort) I see that you have. I got it from the Knitter's for Obama group on Ravelry. They have several sizes and styles if you're interested in something else.

btw are you on Ravelry? Care to share you name there with me?

Ooops I see in my first comment to you there's a typo....well not really a typo (and not just one!) my "w" has a mind of it's own and I don't always catch it.