Saturday, August 18, 2007

the good husband

ok folks, after a long absence (which you'll learn about over the next week or so), i'm back! and blogging it seems. so, on to the important stuff.

this has to be every man's worst nightmare: you drop your wife off for a visit with her friends, do a little grocery shopping, swing by again to pick her up, and this is what you find:

4 women, all knitting, all with their feet stuck in tubs of warm water smelling vaguely of lavender, and all with some odd, greenish paste drying in cracked lines on their faces. good lord! what have you walked into to?? what kind of trap is this?? and most importantly, is the door still open behind you for a quick exit???

this is the situation my husband found himself in, poor sap. he might have even uttered, 'good lord...', or maybe it was, 'what the...?', but it definitely wasn't 'wow - cool! can i get in on that?'

but that's exactly what he did, my most accommodating, open-minded, and just generally all-around good husband. he sat still while we painted his face, though he did squinch up his face as if the soft and silky facial brush was 60 grit sandpaper...

this is me mimicking his face...

this is his second try....

ahhhh....much better.

he passed on the foot soak, but picked up the knitting i brought.

two words: honorary ovaries.

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