Sunday, August 19, 2007

my "surfing" trip

ok, still catching up...this time, my trip to LA for the 4th of July.

warning: for those faint of heart for baby pictures, you may need to sit down. serious cuteness coming up.

so, LA holds a special place in my heart for many reasons, not the least of which is a handful of amazing friends. amazing friends, i might add, who are now beginning to reproduce. before said reproduction, i travelled down to LA with some regularity to surf and hang out with them. however, as time passes (and reproduction happens), i find that i'm still traveling down to LA to surf, but i'm not doing so much surfing. now mind you, i'm not complaining - it's hard to drag oneself out of bed for a dawn patrol, pulling on that clammy cold wetsuit, and get psyched about that frigid, grey beach break that is Manhattan Beach, when you can hang out with this instead:

this is BGB - baby girl bowen. this was her pre-birth name - her parents have now bestowed on her the most beautiful of names, Suriya, but to me, she's BGB.

couldn't you just eat her up with a spoon? 2 months old, and bound for amazing things, no doubt.

her older brother is no less a wonder. this is william, or s-dub, short for sweet william. feeding his younger sister at just over two years - who knew? you can't tell from the picture, but this kid has the eyelashes of a camel. chicks will totally dig them.

i travelled out to Redlands to visit more friends and to find, you know, respite from the beach in the 110 F heat of the inland areas. plus, there was this:

this is Mara. proud new owner of the little green sweater i was knitting in earlier blogs, and brother to a bubbly, smiley, and incredibly tow-headed Teo, who is unfortunately not pictured here. Mara and Teo both are of course brilliant in every way...

back to LA, and back to beach (still not too much surfing) and a little...skateboarding. close to surfing at least. while Sal (mom) and i pushed the interminably cute BGB in a stroller, this is how s-dub and Bowen (dad) got to the restaurant:

now this is just painfully cute.

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