Wednesday, April 30, 2008

spring is a state of mind

i just knew it. i knew that if i tempted the spring gods with talk of spring, they'd yank away my last shred of hope that spring will actually return to the north land. i was so cocky, basking in the sunlight of the Clearwater, watching those ice shelfs drip, drip, drip into the river. hanging out on the deck in a tank top. what was i thinking? this morning, i woke to this:

that's Creamer's Field, an historic creamery that was long ago transformed into a migratory bird refuge and happens to be my office's back yard. that gray background is snow - wet, heavy snow and those little black dots in the foreground are a few hardy Canada geese souls braving the nastiness on their long journey north.

what's a girl to do when spring is like a slippery pig?

i think those few birds up there have the right idea. they're going along on their happy, if wet and cold, way because it's spring damn it. and they have things to do - like fly north and make babies on the tundra. i have things to do too, and they involve spring, so from here on out folks, spring is a state of mind. don't tell me about the weather. i don't care if a thin veneer of ice formed in the road potholes last night. i can pretend that my snow tires aren't still on. and that all those wildflower seeds i spread last week-end aren't frozen little nubs under a blanket of snow in my yard. or that we've broken snowfall records for the month of April. (APRIL! do you hear me, oh gods of spring???)

spring is a state of mind. and what better way to celebrate it?

you guessed it - a little spring knitting. with Charley, who's learning socks. in front there are two sleeves of a sweater for a little babe in Tennessee. i bet he's basking in spring weather. so am i, baby, so am i.

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