Tuesday, April 1, 2008

temporary cover

i've helped collect a lot of $$ for charity. i've washed cars, baked cookies, written checks - hell, i've even run a marathon! but a friend and colleague of mine recently did something few of us would - she shaved her head to raise $$ to fight cancer in children. the charity was St. Baldrick's and the event was March 22. and it wasn't only her - she's a volunteer fire fighter here in Fairbanks, and other fire fighters in her station joined her in baldness.
think about it - she shaved her head. shaved. her. head. and what's more, she was so psyched by the experience that she's going to do it again! the kindness of strangers never ceases to amaze me.

that kind of selflessness in motivating to me. though i regularly complain about my curly locks, i'm not about to shave them off and look like Sinead (unless there's the chance that i might also get her voice...). and writing a check didn't seem like quite enough in light of Nikki's monumental sacrifice. at lunch one afternoon talking about the Big Day, i realized what i could do. after all, she was leaving the next day for a NW Alaska village for some fieldwork. and while it's spring in AK, it's still cold especially for someone with an exposed scalp. so, after lunch, we headed to the yarn shop and picked out some yarn.

Nikki got a check AND a hat - temporary cover until summer. i especially like the fact that she said her new stubble acts like velcro, picking up all manner of lint and such, including little bits of pink and plum fuzz. that's gotta be a good look!

way to go, Nikki...and thank you.

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