Saturday, August 16, 2008

oh yeah, knitting

to read this blog is to think that i never knit. or at least it seems that way to me, especially this summer. admittedly, my knitting's been a little lagging - but it has continued behind the scenes, never you fear! i'm holding back on pictures since many of the finished products are gifts that have yet to be given.

but here's my little gem that i can't hold back on. it is also a gift for a little baby that's thinking about being born, AS WE SPEAK. i know that his or her mama, who would very much like to meet this new little love, will not mind seeing the new sweater on this blog before receiving it, and maybe, just maybe, if the little baby knows what kinds of things await him or her, s/he might just get a move on.

it's a brownie original, though i adapted the pattern from another that i really like. Cara says she'd like it in a women's small. the detail:

and lest you think i'm resting on my laurels, here's a vest i'm knitting for me, FOR ME. (that never happens). it's simple, nothing big, but i like it so far, though the pattern's a bit of a bugger.

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Susan said...

Boy oh boy do I understand getting so busy that the knitting falls aside for awhile. But a true knitter always comes back. I love your pictures and the multicolor sweater is gorgeous. I have "gifts" lying around too. Beautiful baby knitting patterns are so perfect for leisure time.