Thursday, August 21, 2008

sunny days and warm blankets

so, the weather in Fairbanks has finally turned nice (just in time for Fall!) so i'm taking advantage of the warm sun and my large deck to block a few things that have been hanging around waiting for the rain to stop.

a blanket for newly married friends...they don't know they're the recipients so they shall remain nameless for now...

this is made from an absolutely lovely merino-cashmere-silk mix by Kathmandu Yarns in a deeply complex straw color - full of grey-sage, off white, and yellow flecks. i never tired of the color and that means a lot when you've spent months of your life with it. this blanket measures 6'x6' and was knit in one big piece.

oh, and the's coming along. the pattern's still a pain, but here's the front blocking. i can tell already that the arm holes aren't big enough, so we'll be fixing that tonight.

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