Saturday, August 9, 2008

where art though, oh blueberry?

ok, the first thing to know is that i did find the berries - those tricky little blue buggers were really hiding well this summer! but this is how it started:

picking - no, searching for berries with Kat and Ann on top of Ester Dome. for those of you who've ever witnessed the half-crazed obsessive berry hound that i become in late July/early August, you know what i mean. i LIVE for the blueberry season in last July and then patiently await the first frost so that i can move on to cranberries.

this is what we found - this small green bowl was the 'fruit' of our joint effort over about an hour.

later on, Kristin, Anna, and i searched again for berries on top of Murphy Dome. we played with Anna alot, but there wasn't a whole lot of berries going on. this is what we were looking for:

a week later, i got wind of a blueberry nirvana, packed my half gallon buckets and a large lunch, grabbed Phyllis and Chase, and headed out. sorry folks, no pictures - we were busy picking berries...

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