Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Go 'Nooks!

Hockey season's back!!!

we love hockey!

why do we love hockey?

we love the beer! this is part of the group in the "sin-room", where we dash in between periods to gulp down a cup of cheap beer. at UAF Nanooks games, beer isn't allowed in the stands (c'mon folks, this is a family show!) so we accommodate. plus it gives us a good excuse to get our sorry butts off those hard plastic bleachers.

we love the knitting!! yes, we knit during hockey. give it up folks, I'm never REALLY going to understand what's going on out there on the ice, so why shouldn't i be productive? in between periods, the TV cameras scan the crowd and focus in on fans and what they're doing, displaying the words "Kissing Cam" or "Dance Cam" to try to get fans to well, kiss or dance. we're holding out for "Knitting Cam." A girl's gotta dream!

we love the fans!!! this is Owen, the youngest member of our group. Owen loves popcorn and hockey and has already mastered the stink-eye if you interfere with his enjoyment of either.

Last Saturday's game was pretty exciting. sloppy, but exciting. there was a lot of this:

that's what a bunch of fans look like when a goal is ALMOST scored. not quite, but ALMOST scored. we sit down afterwards. it's a little anti-climactic.

this was our losing score against Northern Michigan. oh well, i got a fair amount of knitting done.

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