Saturday, December 22, 2007

taking risks

so, it's 3 days before christmas and i'm scrambling to finish up a few things before heading to Seattle to meet Cob who is already down there with his family for the holidays. i dropped him off at the airport, came home and cleaned the house , and laid out my tasks for the week-end:

from top to bottom:
1. baby sweater for new baby Liam in LA - needs buttons
2. sweater for MIL (mother-in-law for those of you who don't speak 'knitting') - also needs buttons
3. winter cap for our friend Paul, who married us and whom we'll be visiting over the holidays - needs ties
4. winter cap for Paul's wife, Carolyn, an accomplished knitter and quilter herself - DONE!

oh, and then there's Cob's christmas present, which he doesn't know about yet, but i'm banking on the fact that he won't check this blog while on vacation, thus allowing me to take this risk of all risks of sending an image of his present (whose very existence i've guarded for months!) out into the ether. (i also know, however, that if he does check this website, he will no doubt not mention it since he wouldn't want to ruin my surprise - that, or he'll actually forget!) this sweater, by the way, represents my latest attempt to remake Cob into a metro-sexual. it's a job i fail miserably, stuck as he is on his beer t-shirts and pro-rodeo cut wrangler jeans, but so it goes. this sweater is 'blocking' - it's been washed and now it's drying to set its shape. it still needs tag.

and since i have all this knitting to do for Christmas, i'm of course distracting myself with a pair of socks that won't need to make its appearance until NEXT christmas....

i still have 2 too-large-to-be-mobile projects (ie. i can't travel with them any longer) - they will be revealed in due time.

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