Wednesday, December 12, 2007

weather permitting...

when you travel to bush Alaska, one phrase is always part of the plans: weather permitting. as in, "i'll be headed out to Nulato on permitting." or, "yeah, i'll be home in time for the hockey game on permitting." NOT including this phrase is just tempting the travel gods to get with the weather gods and wreak havoc with your plans.

so, on my latest fieldtrip to Nulato to finalize some research for a project i'm working on, well, i was careful to bow deeply and often to the travel and weather gods. i was trying to get to Nulato. see Tanana on the far right? some of you may remember that i used to live there? Fairbanks is about 150 miles east of Tanana. i had to fly out to Galena to catch another puddle-jumper to Nulato, a village of about 350.

apparently i didn't bow deeply enough. or maybe i neglected some other set of gods that had a hand to play in my latest adventure. this is where i sat - ALL DAY yesterday:

the Galena airport. (at least they have an airport - most villages just have an airstrip). i got a lot of work done, a little reading, a little knitting, and a little visiting with folks passing through.

i'm gonna try to get back to Nulato next permitting.

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