Monday, December 31, 2007

winter martinis


“is this brown?”


“this is your sugar plum”

This is how one of my more interesting Saturday nights began. Last Saturday, my friend Ed Plumb (aka Sugar Plum) and his roommate Trevor, invited us to a “small” martini party at their house, a few miles away.

We arrived, martini shakers, a bottle of vermouth, a bag of ice, and a lemon in hand, and got to mixing drinks. Actually, the very talented team of Trevor (on the classic style – vermouth and gin, dirty or clean) and Dea (on the sweet and fruity versions – mango/lime and blueberry) got the party started.

Even Kat had a drink.

Brian Jackson arrived and the first “Toiletini” was mixed. Maybe it was also the last – it should’ve been if it wasn’t! a Toiletini is a lemon mixer and vodka base with a coagulated clump of chocolate sauce plopped in:

All this vodka and vermouth, gin, olives, and lemon twists gets people dancing. Trevor and Dea taking a break from mixing drinks:

Cob, Kat, and Trevor cutting a rug (actually I think Trevor is doing his moose impersonation):

Sugar Plum, Jim Brader, me, and Kat moving the dancing into the kitchen to Elvis’s “A Little Less Conversation” – can you believe that we actually got everyone in the kitchen to dance?

But of course, if one parties, one must do so responsibly – the designated driver drinking her virgin blueberry martini:

Parties like this are nice little corners-of-the-world to be in on a cold winter’s night during the holiday season.

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KAC said...

I really really think that Cobbie and you need to get a baby, whether that's through pregnancy, NRTs, adoption, foster, or stealing. First of all, that would allow us to give you adorable knit outfits. Second, it would allow Woo and I to not feel jealous that we never go out partying with our friends because we are a) too poor to afford babysitters and b) too tired to go out even if a) were not an issue. We also have no friends who also don't suffer from a and b. And since, as you know, the world revolves around ... ME, its important that you change your life to suit my whims and moods. Actually, the world now revolves around Mara and Teo -- this is a poor attempt at gaining back some of my former centrality! Although, I must add that I also do a little jig when I hear that Elvis song.